The Sites

Studio Quipo has set a goal of creating a collection of high-quality website that are fun and informative.

Each year, Studio Quipo receives about 2 million visitors who discover, learn and share their knowledge on topics as varied as the french language, animal life, geography, science, culture, and history.

This diversity of topics allows us to explore the world around us tirelessly and to share our findings with all our visitors.

Traduction du français au français

We speak the same language, but we do not use the same words. The site Traduction du français au français (Translation from French to French) is a fun linguistic guide on Quebec French language. More than 350 articles and a dictionary of more than 1,200 entries allow francophones to understand the nuances of the French language spoken in Quebec.

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For better understanding between francophones

Achille Tartempion, humoriste

Achille Tartempion, whose real name is Achille de la Tartempion III, is a comedian and copywriter. His family lost their nobiliary particle after immigrating to Canada.

His website presents his jokes in the form of comic strips. Also, Achille writes about his thoughts, observations, and hilarious anecdotes in the notebook that he shares with his audience.

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Quipo Quiz

In 2015, Studio Quipo created the Quipo quiz website, a collection of general knowledge quizzes that appealed not only to teenagers but also to their grandparents and their teachers.

In 2018, espresso communication bought Quipo Quiz.

Forum Condo

Designed and produced by Studio Quipo, the site Forum Condo was bought by in 2016.

Forum Condo was a meeting place for all of Quebec condo owners. It contained a magazine and a forum:

  • The magazine offered a clear set of articles to inform readers about the various aspects of condominiums: the laws governing condo living as well as the latest trends in decoration.
  • The forum was a place for dialogue and exchange about condo living in Quebec.

The Team

Portrait de Patrice Hudon

Patrice Hudon

Writing, illustration, SEO, and marketing

Jack-of-all-trades and curious, Patrice searches tirelessly for relevant ideas for content-rich websites and carefully observes Quebec language to discover what distinguishes it from standard French. He has also written more than 150 articles for the site, Forum Condo. He mastered writing content suitable for the web and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Portrait de Marie Pascale Brunelle

Marie Pascale Brunelle

Editing, web design, and web programming

Marie Pascale has a creative spirit, a talent for communication and the rigor of a programmer. She skillfully makes a connection between the worlds of visual creation, written communication, and web programming. She works in close collaboration with Patrice to create and constantly improve the ergonomics and attractiveness of the sites.

Quipo traditionnel des Incas

You said Quipo?

To the Incas, the “quipo” was a bundle of braided cotton strings. Its colors, combinations, and knots were used to transmit information.

We liked the analogy to the web. Indeed, the Internet is a communication network whose wires are attached to each other by a series of contact points: knots.

From cotton knots to digital knots, Studio Quipo leverages its expertise in communications to discover, learn, and share all the knowledge that new technologies now make available to us.


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